Arthur C Clarke wrote: "Mankind will build a tower from the earth's surface into space about 50 years after everyone has stopped laughing about it." That time is here.

A Feature Film


Producers: Scott Stoltz, Audrea Topps Harjo, Geoff Webb and Mike Took

Written by Geoff Webb and Mike Took


Live Action Western Historical Fiction
Through the blood the spit and the mud in White Rock it only takes six bullets to find justice.

A Feature Film


Producers: Scott Stoltz and  Audrea Topps Harjo

Written by Scott Stoltz and Alan Lamberg

'Michael' - The Michael Watson Story

British boxer Michael Watson recovers from a coma that he suffered from during a world title fight in 1991.

A Feature Film


Producers: Sean Cronin, Scott Stoltz and Audrea Topps Harjo

Directed by Sean Cronin


Written by

Matthew Bazell


"THE IMPORTANCE OF DOUBTING TOM" is head for a theatrical release in 2019/20 -  A laugh out loud comedy from Director - Vanessa Roman. The film was very well received at The St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, taking home multiple awards and nominated for best picture. It also screened at the St. Louis International Film Festival in the fall of 2016. Currently, the film if in the final post production stages in preparation for festivals and theatrical distribution.

Scott Stoltz - Executive Producer licensed music for the project via Music Producer - Paul Niehaus, Artist - Roland Johnson and Grammy Nominated Artist - C.F. Kip Winger.
As well as securing the multi-award winning Audio Engineer - Justin Fisher to mix and master audio for the film.

Synopsis - Gwen is shaken and confused by a recent breakup from the guy she thought was the one, but something doesn't seem right. In searching for the truth, mixed identities, comic hijinks, and lover's games ensue in this screwball comedy set against the backdrop of a dart league

Bats in The Clocktower, Scott Stoltz, a huge Batman fan,  wrote, directed and produced a Batman fan film. The film had a limited Art-house Theatrical Run released in 2011,

received national press, trended on 60 Minutes twitter page and has been call a CULT CLASSIC!

"DOWN BY THE WATER" ( Expanded Development ).  Scott Stoltz, Producer is working closely with and Hollywood Producers. The film will be directed by Eric Charles. Stars include but not limited to: Antonio Banderas, Vincent D'Onofrio, James Russo and Willow Shields.  

Synopsis - A cynical teenager, her priest, a local televangelist, an FBI agent, along with a police captain and two homicide detectives all find that nothing, is as it seems down by the water.
 "A Fall From Grace" ( Expanded Development ).  Scott Stoltz - Executive Producer  -  The film will be directed by Jennifer Lynch.  Stars include but not limited to: Tim Roth, Forest Whittaker, David Lynch, Paz Vega, and Vincent D'Onofrio.  

"FOUR COLOR EULOGY" a Archlight Studios & Pirate Pictures film. Directed by Wyatt Weed, Produced by Gayle Gallagher, Jason Contini and Nicholas J. Hearne. Wriitten by Jason and John Contini. The film is now ready for distribution.

Scott Stoltz, Executive Producer- worked with the producers to secure financing and distribution endpoints. 

Synopsis - A dramatic comedy that shows it’s never too late to let go of the past and it’s never a good time to laugh at death…even when it’s funny. 

"JOES'S PLACE", nominated for a Mid-America Emmy in 2012 and narrated by David Oyelowo.  

Scott Stoltz - Executive Producer and in Association with SCS STUDIO FILMZ worked as the editing supervisor, fund raising, public awareness, social media and designed the movie poster for the film with Director - Matt Seilback

Synopsis - A documentary film about a one-of-a-kind home for homeless teens in suburban St. Louis, MO.

"THE ANTWERP DOLLS",  a Jake L. Reid film premiered in London in May 2016, has distribution throughout the UK. It is currently in the studio for a remaster and Directors cut before heading to the global market for sales.

Synopsis = A ruthless businessman's payoff to the Belgian mafia is intercepted by his revenge-seeking former protegees, launching a deadly war of violence and double-dealing. 

Scott Stoltz, Executive Producer is currently negotiating a US Theatrical run for the film.